NFL Alumni
Performance Labs

Serving Current and Fromer Players

NFL ALumni
Performance Labs

Serving current and former players

Our unique Precision Wellness Playbook™ and Performance Optimization Protocol™ include Remote Wellness Monitoring, Blood Analysis, DNA Testing, Custom Nutraceuticals, Medically Guided Weight Loss, and more.

Combining Anti-aging Science with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into Personalized Regenerative Therapies. Allowing you to keep the benefit of your decades of experience & wisdom and combine it with feeling youthful energy, strength, and drive.

APL's youth sport development programs focus on the Person First and their Performance Second. They empower youth and high school sports programs with protocols, services, and technology unavailable to most.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become the gold standard for organizations, teams, and communities working to improve their people's health, wellness, performance, and development.

Our mission is to improve health and performance through scientific research, advanced technology, and proven applications. Doing so will create a paradigm shift in understanding what is possible for everyone. The pillars of optimization, quantification, and prevention are the foundations of this approach. Our goal is to impact former players, youth, and the general public. Dr. Charles Morris, Ph.D., an industry leader in health data, human performance, and wellness, oversees the organization's mission.